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Legal Courier:

Professional, uniformed and trained Legal Boston Courier Service - Serving Boston and all points Massachusetts

Here at USGROUND we specialize in serving Boston Law Firms as well as Law Firms along Route 95, 128 and 495. Get a Boston Courier pick up in 15 to 30 minutes for Direct Delivery to any address in Boston Proper in 30 minutes. Our entire courier messenger fleet exceeds 150 and with 50 couriers trained in legal deliveries, you can put your confidence and trust in USGROUND.

In Boston our couriers do not need a GPS device, courier staff know the fastest route from any one place in Boston Proper to any address in Boston. Naturally all of our vehicles are equipped with GPS, however our foot messengers do not need one, they are better than GPS, and they'll get your package delivered on time, every time! USGROUND Couriers & Messengers are uniformed and each has proper identification for getting in and out of State and Federal Courts, and the like. Our Boston Courier staff are Insured & Bonded. Again, you can put your confidence and trust in USGROUND.

Our Law Firm clientele simply loves our technology. Each courier has a hand held device which is superior to that of and UPS or FedEx driver. Why, well in the same day courier business, unlike the next day business, our customers want real-time information. It's simple, our customers can login to their USGROUND account and at any moment see the exact location of the courier who is delivering their shipment. Where talking details! On our "online" mapping system you can see the couriers exact location and speed of travel (don't worry about map load time, it's extremely quick). If your Law Firm is located within One International Place and our courier locater system displays the courier on Atlantic Avenue near South Station, well you can expect to see your shipment in a matter of minutes (but always in less than 60 minutes form point of order).

Law Firms require proof of delivery. With USGROUND, our couriers (using the most advanced handheld device available to our industry) mark your shipment picked up, delivered and enter the name of the person who signed for your shipment. This information is available to you instantly. Our technology 2012 delivery via email notification. On the fly you can select three unique recipient of Proof of Delivery. You still have more choices. Many customers find it easier to login and review all delivery activity for that day and or any week or month (or any date range). From this you may print out a Proof of Delivery receipt. Our system works in real-time, so when our Legal Courier picks up and or delivers, this information is available in a fraction of a second.

Boston Courier Service by USGROUND operates from multiple Dispatch Centers. To name a few, Beverly, Braintree, Brockton, Dedham, Framingham, Waltham, Marlborough, Worcester, Lowell, and Salem. Regardless of where your Law Firm is located we have a dispatch center in close proximity. Courier staff consistently pick up anywhere East of Worcester (in under 60 minutes). For fast pickups select HotRush (we measure our own performance). And on average your shipment is picked up in 44 minutes and delivered direct (no stops along the way). Download our Brochure Today - Review all services offered by USGROUND.

USGROUND | Boston Courier Service Dispatch Line: 1.617.457.7800

USGROUND Corporate: 1.866.USGROUND
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