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Records Management
Storage and Retrieval:
With usground you get the benefit of having your records under the same roof as your courier/distribution center. Unlike traditional records management companies, we do not outsource the delivery component. Clearly this saves our customers money, in some cases lots of money. If you require access to files or entire boxes of files on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis, we guarantee you that our delivery rates will be less than that of a traditional records management company.

The best records management personnel in the local industry work at usground. Your records get the special customer service oriented treatment they deserve. The process of managing your records is completely automated with O'Neil Records Management software system, which integrates with our Intelligent Dispatch product.

With usground you will be billed a discounted retrieval fee and delivery fee, not an inflated fee. The simple fact is that most of the big records management companies such as Iron Mountain outsource deliveries to companies like usground everyday. This increases your overall cost for records storage management. Again, with usground you do not pay an inflated pick up or delivery fee.

In addition to our guarantee that you will reduce your current expenditure for records storage and management, usground also guarantees that you will always receive your files faster than you are used to.

Please contact Director of Warehouse & Records Management, Jeff Ford to disscuss your Warehouse and Records Management needs:

Tel: 1.866.USGROUND (1.866.874.7686)